Nothing tickles like a Puckett’s Pickle

Puckett’s Pickles are passionate about celebrating great British produce. Our chutneys have a lighter cook which gives them a fresher flavour this makes them more versatile. Puckett’s are dedicated to using as much British produce as we can. The vegetables are fresh and local, the spices are organic & freshly ground. We only use British Organic Cider vinegar, British sugar, even our jars are made in the UK.


Our products are Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free

Puckett’s hate food waste. Rather than starting at the end of the chain buying the fruit and vegetables on the turn, we start at the beginning. By using bright, fresh, British produce when it is in season we have a much tastier product. As well as making our contribution to reducing food waste.

We celebrate the wonderful produce that Yorkshire & British farmers grow. No Mango Chutney here! Field to Fork is very important; our Customers have the very best quality product. Why buy Green Beans from Kenya or Asparagus from Peru when we have the most incredible produce on our back door step? Mother Nature has done all the hard work, eat seasonally and you get all the nutrients you need. The recipes on the website are to encourage customers to cook quick & easy meals bought from local Farm shops & markets.

Puckett’s Pickles was set up by Sarah Puckett in 2013. Sarah worked for Pret a Manger for 15 years and was part of them growing from a small company of 80 stores to a multi national high street power house. Sarah’s passion for food was evident from an early stage

As a child my most favourite meals where what my Mother used to call “fridge cleaners.” Left over meats; cheese; bread; bubble and squawk (Mother would chuck in anything!) and of course my Father’s amazing chutneys and pickles. The table would be laden full of goodies, the atmosphere was relaxed and the conversation flowed as we grazed – just heaven!

Puckett’s Pickles customers get that same warm feeling when they see one of our jars on the table, contentment that they are in for a good feed.

Puckett’s Pickles philosophy is simple, light fresh chutneys and pickles packed full of flavour with no nasty preservatives.

My Dear Grandma

I thought her kitchen and larder were the next best thing to Narnia: full of magical experiences and unexpected delights. There was always something to learn, something to taste, and treats whenever I came in with a scraped knee. All my inspiration finds its roots in her kitchen.

 My Glamorous Mum

My mum had it all: she was a superb cook and sophisticated with it, renowned for her apparently effortless dinner parties. I would creep out onto the landing just to hear her guests’ compliments. She taught me the social importance of food, and to demand the very best—not just from ingredients and suppliers but from myself, too.

 My Intrepid Father

As a ship’s captain, my dad really did sail the seven seas. He’d bring back strange ingredients and cook up all sorts of wonderful things—from tandoori to taramasalata. It was while on his travels that he dreamt up the recipe for Captain Puckett’s. Because of my dad, I’m more adventurous with my ingredients.


Here I am, a foodie in the making (what choice did I have, with a family like mine?). Perhaps I was already dreaming up pickle recipes…